Sunday, 8 September 2013

Consulting an Expert to Buy the Right Insurance

Eric James Viveros

Buying the right insurance is not the easiest task to perform. There are many types of insurance policies which offer assurance and coverage for a wide variety of risks and liabilities. The first choice to make is whether to go by the word of a sales agent or the advice of a consultant you pay per hour to give you unbiased advice.

Seasoned professional financial advisers like Eric Viveros and Jeffrey Michael Viveros understand the fear that drives individuals towards buying a policy. However, it would be unwise to expect policies to serve all kinds of purposes. There are policies which offer investment opportunities but the returns are rarely as gratifying as returns from real estate investments on returns on certain kinds of securities.

There is term assurance for example, where you get life cover over a fixed period without any savings element. The policy expires at the end of the term and you receive no payout. In short, you pay a premium for the life cover during the tenure when you have certain liabilities whether that is a house loan or any other debt. Mortgage protection is another reason why one can choose to opt for term policies.

There are also policies which are for whole life and also include a substantial payout at the end of a specific period. There are policies to safeguard family income and endowment policies which help you save some money. Some policies build cash value based on interest or investment components which are then paid out to you at the end of the term. Investment Retirement schemes solve a purpose, offering benefits or a fixed pension after a certain term.  Similarly, insurance policies too offer certain benefits like cover while you still have dependents and financial responsibilities.

It is important to consult an expert who can help you compare two different products and then pick and choose the ones that fit your portfolio perfectly. Every portfolio should include certain percentage of stock investments, some real estate assets, bonds, mutual funds, retirement schemes and insurance. How much to invest in each of them is what a consultant can assist you with. The wrong percentages could mean you misuse your cash reserves and don’t get the returns that you should have gotten.
From managing debt and mortgage to investing in the right stock, a consultant can help you guard yourself and your family from risk, even without investing heavily on insurance. Through strategic planning, you can even make sure you save on taxes and manage maximum inheritance for your dependents.

This advice from consultants is personalized as the steps that need to be taken are different for individuals in different age groups and in different income brackets. Besides, a consultant will hear out what your liabilities, goals and lifestyle needs are and then advise you accordingly and point you in the right direction. This cannot be done by a sales agent with a narrow range of products, be it mutual funds, stock or policies.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Payday cash loans offer a convenient way to obtain fast cash in the event of an emergency. People generally do not have a lot of cash to cover the unexpected events that occur in everyday life. In such situations, people tend to obtain loans. 

There are certain requirements and repayment criterion that an individual must adhere to. Payday loan is considered to be an unsecured loan. Unsecured loan does not require any collateral to obtain money that is required. Instead, the employment status of an individual is taken into consideration. One of the prime factors for payday loan to gain popularity is that the credit score of an individual is not considered. As long as the requirements raised by the loan lender are fulfilled, the loan will be sanctioned instantly.

An individual should have completed 18 years of age, should have a fixed employment and a steady source of monthly income. Based on this, the lender calculates the repayment amount and the duration and accordingly sanctions the amount. The maximum duration for repayment of loan will be 30 days. In other words, payday loan falls due on the next payday. 
                       The sanctioned loan amount will be transferred to the borrower’s savings bank account. Similarly, the amount due which includes the principal amount and the interest charges will be auto debited from the borrower’s bank account. Many reputed lenders also give the option to pay off the repayment amount prior to the due date. This indeed saves a lot of money and keeps the borrower stay in the good books of the loan lender for future requirements.

In terms of emergency, payday loans stand to be the quickest way to obtain additional money. At times, unexpected events may rise out and that requires an individual to get his hands on money quickly. This is where payday loans are set to be extremely useful. A borrower has to analyse his requirements and then choose a loan. If the loan is repaid on time, payday loans are the best option to overcome financial crisis. It should always be treated as a short term loan. Payday loans must be availed only for emergency purpose and not for lavish expenditure.